Thursday, February 28, 2013

Haul: Dior, Urban Decay, Giorgio Armani, & Sleek

So over the past few weeks I've been buying things that have just been on my "need" list for a long time. I'm on the eternal search for the perfect foundation. One that makes me look flawless-- no powdery residue, perfect color match, makes me look fresh but not oily, glowing and not dry. I've also been looking for a great highlighter- both golden toned and icier toned. I've also been incredibly annoyed at how quickly my make-up seems to deteriorate. I don't know why, perhaps its because I live in a hot and humid climate, but my eye make-up gives up, creases, and fades by midday and I hate it.
Dior Beauty Pink Champagne Nude Shimmer, Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation (in #02), Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray, and Sleek's Highlight and Contour Kit in Fair.

The Sleek Highlight and Contour Kit is probably known more in Great Britain than in the United States as it's a drugstore brand based out of the UK. But I saw some really gorgeous reviews and tutorials that used it and I just knew I had to buy it. It was so reasonably priced I was impressed, and shipping was so cheap! It was only like $2.60 which, for an international order, is pretty ace! The whole thing ended up costing around $10. I love both products, they go on nicely (though the bronzer is pretty dark and definitely more of a summertime product for me) and I love how the highlighter makes my skin look. You can buy it here for $8.49 though it looks like they are out of stock right now. Yikes.
I put it on a bit of my nose and under my brow bone. I think it looks more glowing than shiny, don't you think? Sorry I don't look very photogenic today, I'm still not feeling so awesome. Constant headaches.
I'm absolutely obsessed with this product for no real reason. It's as good as sleek and was much more expensive. $44 expensive. My brother looked at me like I was crazy when I bought it but what can I say? I really appreciate good, solid packaging and a high quality product. The case is so sturdy and the mirror in it big and beautiful. The bottom is clear which is fun, I suppose, and gives way to the nude theme, though it makes me nervous for an inexplicable reason. It's more golden and goes so well with a nighttime or daytime look. I love how it highlights my face. You can buy it at Neiman Marcus (couldn't find it at Nordstrom's) here. I really do love it though. 

Let's talk really fast about my frustration and adoration with Armani's foundation. It was everything I was looking for in a foundation. Not too much coverage (at my age and with my skin right now I don't have much I need to cover ja feel) and gives me a kind of radiant and glowing look. CHECK. I was so happy when I finally got it in the mail. I was not so excited when I realized their lightest color was too yellow and too dark for me! What gives! Do people not realize that there are people of all color ranges out there?
Look at my neck vs. my face. YELLOW, ARMANI, YELLOW. I understand that Bobbi Brown for some reason popularized yellowish foundations, but I don't understand why everyone feels the need to do this. I... I have pinkish skin and yellowish products will just never work on me, I'm sorry. That being said, I'm holding on to this because I'm obsessed with how it makes my face look. And I'm hoping that in the summertime when my skin gets microscopically more dark, that this foundation will work. In the meantime... the search continues. *sigh* This foundation is amazing though... the colors are just for more common skin tones. It makes my skin feel like silk and I love that it's not matte (why is everyone producing only matte right now? stop it, people want all kinds of foundations). It was $60 at Nordstrom and yes, that is expensive, I know don't make me feel worse about it gosh.

The last product I have no photo of because it's completely transparent. I will do a review of it when I've gone out for a late night, but as for daytime use I'm OBSESSED with it. It's Urban Decay's All Nighter setting spray. Some people have been pretty sassy about it, but come on, it's not going to be perfect. No product is. But it makes my make-up last longer, has no weird aftermath or texture. It smells a little chemically while it sprays but it doesn't sting or hurt your eyes. It settles on, dries in about 30 seconds, and happily extends the life of my make-up a significant amount. I'm sold! I bought it at Nordstrom's Rack on sale! (go go goooo) but you can also get it at Sephora and Ulta and places like that. It's listed as $29 online, but it was like $13 at Nordstrom's Rack so I suggest going out and trying to find it cause I love it.



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