Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Frustration: Different Products in Different Markets (a visual representation)

AH. How do you guys stand it?

I am starting to really love this blogging world. Really, its so much fun. Every day I'm convincing myself to try new products, clothes, and hair styles. And I'm also convincing myself to do more things, so that my blog is more interesting, and I have become more interesting in the process!

One downside to this blogging thing is that I keep making friends on here (somehow I only have 2 followers but my day will come....) and by that I mean I keep following and loving more and more blogs. Somehow, though, somehow, they are almost ALL UK based. I'm an anglophile, don't get me wrong, I love England and consider moving there at least once a day, but everyone keeps posting these amazing products that we here in the U.S. just. don't. have.

Par example: I keep seeing these Rimmel London apocalips lipglosses. Well, I've never even purchased anything from them but these lip glosses look amazing! I go online and I try to find it, but all I keep getting is beauty blog link after beauty blog link based in the UK.
Oh. Ok. So I find out that they aren't being sold in the US markets currently. So, instead of giving up, I wrote a letter to corporate asking about this product and if we are to expect it. And if we aren't, what British beauty on here is going to send me a lip gloss in exchange for paypal payment or an American gift of equal value????

Basically this happens all the time. Illamasqua, from what I can tell, is not sold in US stores and you can only buy it online. Top Shop is barely entering the US market, and we have significantly less lipstick choices, and I don't have a store near me so I can't try any on. People try out cool hair tools that plug into UK sockets and a piece of my heart breaks. I guess I can understand why this happens, but it doesn't make it any easier for me. 

Now you can see a picture of what my face looks like.....
as I scroll through all these British cuties' blogs, seeing all their cute lives and hearing all their cute accents and just wondering to myself....



  1. gah i hate when theres things in another country you want so bad like bioderma im desperate for but shipping charges are a fortune! id love you to check out my blog if you get a chance :) x

    1. what country are you from? i know, it's really frustrating. i love looking at everyone's blog, and if you comment, i guarantee I will. I'll probably follow, too, and it'd be nice if people would return the favor! ;-;

  2. BTW, if you want more traffic and the chance to reach more people, you really need to do the following:
    1) Every time you post, link to it on Twitter and your Tumblrs
    2) Up your ratio of inter-textual linking. That means when you say Rimmel Lipgloss, you link to Rimmel AND you link to the lip gloss. When you see a great British blog, link to it. There should be like, 4-5 hyperlinks in every post
    3) Don't just focus on unique entries you write yourself. If you really like someone's blog entry, write a short blurb about why it's awesome, then link to it.
    4) Always comment on posts you love, and eventually start a link to your blog at the bottom

    1. I do a few of those, and I will work on the others! I hate the people that put their link on the bottom though, I never want to look at their pages. The other ones are good ideas though, thanks for the tips!


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