Thursday, February 7, 2013

Comme-ci, comme-ça

As I was washing my face today, I was trying to think of topics I could post on here. I've got quite a lengthy list of some pretty exciting blog post ideas, but I also want to establish something you can find on here as a regular thing. I think wednesday is the perfect day to do it because it's such a blah day, you know, and life could use some more zest.
Comme-ci ou comme-ça, like this or like that. Good day or bad day.

Good things about today:

1. The color of this slip/ dress I got at free people that is such a pretty, happy shade of sea foam blue.
2. I cleaned my room!
3. I had starbucks for the first time in forever
4. I'm sore from working out yesterday (blessing/ curse)
5. These bracelets (link takes you to the closest in similarity I could find) I got from free people and am 
really excited about (I got them like a month ago).
6. I'm halfway done (officially) with one of my online courses = that much closer to graduation
7. Finally burning Caroline's candle that she gave me for Christmas!! It smells so good and I can tell it's 
going to last forever.
8. So I washed my hair and let it dry naturally and I'm not minding the end of my hair in the front...
or even in the back....
(taking us now to the bad parts of the day.)
but (#1 bad part of the day) waking up and seeing that I still had bangs and that wasn't a nightmare
was a tough part of the day and made it number 1 on the bad list
remind me to stop being impulsive
2. My mom was kind of in a bad mood today and so was I, and we had to get the entire (messy!) house
cleaned for these visitors and ugh. It was impossibly hard. Going up and down the stairs with sore sore 
leg muscles from weighted squats = rough
3. Not having enough space to put stuff and just feeling claustrophobic but not wanting to get rid of 
anything more (I've gotten rid of a lot already). I've resorted to putting half of my bags out on this random
sitting/ shelf thing
4. Neither of my orders came in today :(
5. Had to wait in the parking lot for 40 minutes until my brother finally came out = bad mood julia
6. Money still not put back in my account from return I made
7. I want to buy these sunglasses SO BADLY but they are $315 that I don't have // I'm tired of all my
sunglasses and I want new ones. I also miss the ones I lost on my birthday 2012 RIP ray bans 2011-
8. I want all the beauty products this lovely lady buys and reviews (she's one of my favorite bloggers!) 
and I'm very frustrated with my lack of income due to school and general uncertainty of the future :(
9. I'm tired of people promising to follow me and then not following me (this is a phase and it will end
eventually in case you're bored/ annoyed that I talk about it so much). 
10. I ate too much at dinner time (Indian food.. every time!!) and now I'm mad at myself

So verdict is: Blah day. Not awful enough to be called a bad day, but not awesome enough to be called

a good day. It would have been fine if the cleaning hadn't been so hard, that took it out of me (6 hours!)

How was everyone's day? 



  1. ugh I am so in love with that seafoam slip

  2. That dress is beautiful, I can imagine it looking so cute in the summer! X

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I've had it for a while and I'm obsessed, it's so versatile and they have so many pretty colors! Now i don't have a discount there anymore (because i don't work within the company) so all they're stuff is too expensive again, haha


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