Sunday, January 27, 2013

Review: Lipsticks I've been Loving this Winter

So, I was thinking about which of my lipsticks I've been really drawn to this winter season, so I decided to photograph four of my favorites that have been being used a lot more lately!

From the left: Mac Angel, Chanel Rouge Coco #40 (Charme), Chanel Rouge Coco #11 (Legende), and Nars Red Lizard.

Angel has been a favorite of mine for a while. The lighting in this photo isn't really good enough to do the color justice (I'm working at that whole lighting thing), but it's just a great 60's pink. I've been doing a lot of Bridget Bardot looks, and this lipstick is always the perfect companion, though not matte enough for the time period. (Lipstick in the 60's was just super matte!). The color is a great muted pink, and looks luscious in the summertime as well.

This Chanel color has been my go-to for every day. It's just so light and refreshing and perfect for lunch dates and shopping trips. Not too strong a color to be worried about smudging and upkeep, but definitely just such a gorgeous, classic pink.

L├ęgende is a wonderful shade. It's a wonderful rich deep pink and looks so gorgeous with light and dark brown eyeshadows. Versatile, easily transitions from day to night with a little additional drama to the eye. Wonderful shade, one of my favorites. Chanel just makes such gorgeous lipsticks.

The smudges in the corners of my lips are driving me CRAZY but aside from this, this color is kind of a wildcard for me. I have deep red hair so red lipsticks are usually intimidating but this color is just SO RED! It's wonderful for the winter when our skin is so much lighter, it just stands out like paint on a canvas, it's gorgeous. I do a very simple eye, maybe just a little champagne or white eyeshadow, simple black gel eyeliner and mascara.

What lipsticks have y'all been using? Comment and let me know!


  1. i absolutely love those colours and your blog is beautiful, adore the photography :)

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // youtube

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